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Hassle-free tree removal in Lexington, KY

At B & R Tree Care, we specialize in tree trimming, tree removal, and stump grinding. We provide all the tree care services you need to maintain healthy, safe trees around your Lexington home or business. We tailor our services to meet your needs and you can count on our unique understanding of what trees need to stay healthy and safe in our Bluegrass climate. 
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Tree trimming

Regular trimming helps maintain a tree’s optimum health and strength. It’s also important that dangerously overgrown or rotting limbs are trimmed back to a safe distance from structures on your property in order to avoid damage and personal hazard in case of breakage. Our trimming specialists are highly skilled and experienced and we do everything we can to optimize the health and safety of your trees.
Professional doing a hassle free trimming in Lexington, KY

Stump grinding

Stump grinding offers the best, most efficient option for complete tree removal. 

We have all the necessary professional equipment and expertise to get rid of tree stumps smoothly and with minimal cleanup. If you need left-behind stumps removed from you property or complete, no-hassle tree removal, our specialized team will take care of it for you!

Tree removal

When a tree is precariously located or particularly unhealthy due to rot or disease and trimming is not enough to solve the problem, removal may be necessary. Alternatively, you may be developing your land and need certain trees to be removed in order to continue building. Our tree removal services are reliable and efficient. We get the job done on a schedule and budget that works for you.

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